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St. Patty's Straws and Healthy Snack Ideas | How Does She...

St Pattys Straws and Healthy Snack IdeasI love having reasons to celebrate and today, I?m happy to share some?fun items that YOU (yes, you!) can easily make for your own little leprechauns.? These?goodies can be enjoyed?at St. Patrick?s Day celebrations or?any kind of ?Good Luck? theme party.

The leprechaun mustaches also resemble the fuzzy mustache on the Lorax, so they would make a?great prop for a Dr. Seuss classroom party or as?a surprise element to?a Dr. Seuss themed lunch.

Let?s get started!

Make Your Own Silly Fun Straws

?These decorative straws can be used as costume props, cake or cupcake toppers (when you cut the straws to size), and for their primary utilitarian purpose ? drinking!

1wa2_zpsaf8945f0 copy

You will need???Straws of course :-) .??Striped paper or regular plastic?straws both work great, while?the bendy kind is best for the mustache toppers.? You?ll also need craft foam.? Here are some color suggestions:

1craftfoam_zps9c48bfc0 copy

It?s up to you whether you use regular craft foam or the kind with sticky adhesive backing.? If you choose?the kind with sticky backing (seen below left), you won?t need any glue or tape.? But if you choose non-adhesive craft foam, my preferred adhesive is glue dots (below, right).

1gluedotscollage_zpse739d855 copy

Now choose and print?your free template by clicking on one of the images below.

St. Patty?s Mix

1 St. Patty's Mix Template copy

If you?only need the?mustaches (for a leprechaun, Dr.Seuss/Lorax, or mustache party) print this one:

Mustache Template

1 mustache Template copy

The St. Patty?s Mix helps you make the straws you see here, with a mustache or two to spare:

1a-straws_zps1ff2ae9f copy

You can also use pre-cut foam stickers?in which case you don?t need a template, your work is done!

If you do use the templates, print them on cardstock and cut them out as tracing guides?for your?craft foam.? In the St. Patty?s Mix, I doubled the images just in case you have a helper; that way?you each have your own set?of icons to trace.? I used a permanent marker to draw little circle coins on the gold foam.

If you choose mustaches only, you can either print them onto colored cardstock, cut them out, and use as-is, or you can stop the printing process after you see that one mustache has printed completely.? Cut it out?and use as a tracing guide for multiples on craft foam.? I prefer the craft foam because it?s more durable as well as water resistant.

As I mentioned earlier, bendable straws are best for the mustaches.? When you place?them just above the bendy part, you will have proper positioning of the mustache on the face.

1stachestraw_zpsf5279775 copy

To adhere, cut a thin strip of sticky-back craft foam (or use regular foam with glue dots on one side) and press it to the back side of the mustache.? Half of it attaches to the mustache and?half of it attaches to the straw like so:

1strawattach_zps2eb93fc2 copy


You are officially set to use your straw as a fun prop or silly sipper.

1mustacheprops_zps4116bd88 copy

Don?t forget to add some healthy treats to your celebration!? Try round banana slices for ?gold coins?, green bell pepper slices?for shamrocks,?or carrot and celery cups with single servings of hummus (available at Costco).

1veggiecupsamphummus_zpsc61978a1 copy

Additional choices include pineapple coins and green smoothies.

1pineapplecoins_zpse7d5eeb3 copy

?For my kids, color is key and when I display common, simple, yet totally healthy food in a way that ?POPS?, it grabs their attention and they eat it!? The difference between super and not-so-super, wanting to try a food or not try it, is a simple matter of ? Presentation!

See??more details on whole, fresh, real-food recipes and tips here.

Most of all?

1Anna_zps40915fb6 copy

~ HAVE FUN ! ~

St Pattys Straws and Healthy Snack Ideas



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