Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Versus iPhone 5 Speeds - Business Insider

Primate Labs

Benchmark results for the GS4 and other top phones.

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 phone will have the fastest processor available when it launches this spring, according to benchmark tests.?

A benchmark is a series of standard tests that gauge how fast a mobile device's processor is. The benchmarking software assigns a numerical value to the device based on how it performed. The higher the number, the better.?

Android Authority was able to perform a benchmark test on the Galaxy S4 during Samsung's big launch event last week. As a follow up, John Poole of Primate Labs performed the same test on several other leading phones and published the results.

In this case, the Galaxy S4 received a benchmark of 3,163. The iPhone 5 got a 1,596, meaning the GS4 is about twice as fast. The GS4 is also twice as fast as Samsung's last flagship phone, the Galaxy S III.


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