Sunday, January 6, 2013

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When most of us think of starting the New Year, it's about resolutions. But, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville, decided to lighten her baggage by way of doing some spring cleaning on her closet.

Today, Brandi tweeted, "I donated my wedding gown to a soon to be army wife & I still haven't heard about who received it! Well I hope it make[s] someone very happy"

Very sweet!?

Preparing for the New Year need not stop on January 1st. If you have memorabilia from a past relationship or marriage that you can toss out, do so!

In Brandi's case, she gave away her wedding dress for a charitable cause. If you are strapped for cash, though, sell it on eBay. Hey, profit all you can from a cheating ex.

True, Brandi has children with her ex so she'll always be reminded of her marriage in some capacity. Not that she necessarily even wants to forget it. Once you start tossing everything you don't need from a past relationship, you're less likely to look back on it.?

After all that's happened recently with Brandi, it's a great idea that she's done this. Whatever can be done to make it easier on yourself, do it!

Some might want to hold onto items because they're sentimental. That's fine to an extent. Yet, try traveling as lightly as possible. Especially if having those items around you causes you heartache.

I firmly believe that when a woman let's go of her past that her future presents itself. Maybe 2013 is when Brandi will meet the love of her life.

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