Friday, February 8, 2013

IHeart Organizing: UHeart Organizing: Creative and Unexpected ...

Do you love to craft and DIY?? What do you do with all of those paint bottles and glue guns?? My pal Megan from Honey We're Home is here today to share how she keeps her craft supplies tucked away and tidy.? And what I adore? most is that it isn't in a typical way that you would often think of or expect!?

It's so great to be with your readers again Jen! ?My love of keeping things organized extends all the way to my craft supplies. ?I can get way more excited about a simple craft project when I know that I've got all my supplies organized and I know exactly where they are. ? It's so annoying to be in the middle of a project and be all, "uh, where is my hole punch??"

To keep my craft supplies organized, I use what is supposed to be a tall jewelry stand. ?I got mine years ago half-off at Pier One Imports. ?It?fits perfectly on a small wall in my home office but could easily fit inside a closet or garage.

My chest has five drawers, the bottom "two" is actually one deep drawer, perfect for storing larger things like rolls of duct tape, a paper cutter, 3-hole punch and rulers.?

I've organized the drawers by putting like-things together and I used an old calendar to line the drawers to make it prettier. ?The sharp things like nailhead trim, tacks, cutters and scissors go in the top drawer.?

All my glue, spray adhesive, glue gun and glue sticks are contained in one drawer.?

And my glitter and craft paint fit in one drawer too.?

I do have a separate place in my garage for extra craft paint, spray paint, and paint brushes. The top part of my storage chest opens and has a mirror, but I like to keep things on the top surface, so I don't utilize that storage space. ?I figured it would be more annoying to have to remove everything to get inside each time I need something. ?On top now are fresh flowers, an adorable rocking bird, and my fabric covered books. ?I also made the polka dot inspiration board in the background.? {I snapped this picture before I started pinning inspiration pics!}

If you can't find my jewelry stand at Pier One, the Ikea Alex could definitely work to hold craft supplies. ?You could also paint it or decoupage it with cute fabric, scrapbook paper, gift wrap. ?And decorative pulls would be cute too.

How do you store your craft supplies? ?Do you prefer drawers over bins and baskets? ?You can visit?HERE?to see more of how I keep things organized in my home.??Thanks so much for having me Jen!


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