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The Final Epilogue is a fanfic roleplay of the game The Last Story. It takes place generations after the game's ending, when the original members of the mercenary group have been long passed away. A new ruler has stepped up to take the throne, and everything went haywire.

The new ruler cared only for himself. Unlike other tyrants, this one happens to simply not care for his people. Instead, the ruler made decisions only to benefit himelf in petty ways (like the levee, building up his castle, having feasts and parties every meal of everyday). And there are even more threats to society now.

The citizens of Lazulis City lived peacefully with the Gurak population, until now. Now that there is a weak ruler in the Argannan throne, Segregation Groups have risen up to kill off or at least dominate the other race. What's more is that the Reptids have dug their ways out of the underground, and now are pillaging the citizens of Lazulis City, Outskirts.

However, there is hope. A new generation of the Zael Mercenaries have risen up to help the people, and relinquish the power of the ruler. They will do quests, fend of reptids, crush the Segregation Groups, and give the throne to the rumored lost child of Argannan.


The Mecenaries are the protagonists of this roleplay. They try to help as much people as they can in the long run while trying to complete the ultimate goal.

The King
Julian is, to put it simple, a sick bastard who would let his people rot as long as his desires are fullfilled. Julian supports the Human Segregation Group. He is one of the antagonists of this roleplay.

Human Segregation Group
A group of human extremists who want to cause havoc on the Gurak. They want to seperate and isolate the Gurak as much as possible. Some want to kill the whole population so the humans only remain. Either way, they want to do harm to the Gurak population. Their leader is Lucian.

Leader of the Human Segregation Group
Lucian is as clever and as sneaky as a snake, and he is as deadly as one, too. His words can easily set into your head, and Lucian can easily manipulate you. His swordsmanship is unparalled to anyone still alive. However, you can still compare it to Sir Therius's skill in the sword.

Gurak Segregation Group
The Gurak clone of the Human Segregation Group. They want to overthrow King Julian as well and place their leader, Zane, on the throne.

Leader of the Gurak Segregation Group
Zane is a direct descendant of Zangurak, the former Gurak king who was killed in the war against the humans. Because of his family's history, many humans had actually despised him. Thus, he created the Gurak Segregation Group out of anger.

The Knights
While they are charged with Julian's orders, they try to resist as much as possible without him knowing. They support the mercenaries, and when the band rebels, the knights will fight alongside them. However, there are some who are part of the Segregation Groups, and a handful are fu;ly devoted to King Julian.

Some people are able to use magic. The elements consist of light, darkness, star, nature, fire, and ice. Using the element the smae as the enemy's results in it absorbing the magic and healing itself. Using the opposite element results in more damage, however the same applies to you (you only get an element if you are a mage.).

Using magic also results in the manifestation of magic circles. They usually deal damage to the enemy except for healing circles. Fire circles add fire element to your physical attacks, ice makes ice attacks, etc etc for the other elements. You also have healing spells, which result in healing circles. Stand on them and you will get healed overtime until you are fully regenerated. After a few minutes, the circle will dissipitate on it's own.

There are three more circles. which aren't manifested by magic spells. They manifest only at the user's comman, but only ofr a short time. Damage circles keep weakening opponents, and poison circles poison the opponent. The last circle, Death circle, does not effect the opponent itself. It uses spikes that rise from the ground to attack the opponent. If they survive, they will be given the Death status, meaning that if they don't get into a heal circle, they will die. The Death Circle disappears after attacking. Damage Circles only dissipitate after the user has died.

However, there are certain skills that warriors (non magic users) can use to diffuse those circles. (Unlike the game, I will NOT allow the effects of Diffusion.)
Few mages can also have the spell Reverse, which reverses the effects (heal circles turn into damage circles, ice circles effect the original user and its allies, etc.).

Spirit Attacks:
At the time when you most need it, you would be able to do some kind of strong attack that would have an effect on the enemy. Mages use spells, warriors use slashes or stabs or whatever, and mixed usually make up something unique.
There are also two sacred spells only available to the Argannan family called Ancient Summon and Ancient Barrier. They are both unknown, and you must find out only by casting the spell as an Argannan (marriages do not apply).
Remember: Spirit attacks are extremely rare and it takes a lot of training to even learn them. Even them, I'll allow one spirit attack every ten posts.

Character Sheet:
Appearance(words or pic, your choice):
Role (Mercenary? Knight? What is it?):
Weapons (if you're gonna fight, might as well. It has to be daggers, crossbows, or swords. Or mixed.):
Magic (Element of your character? By the way, not everyone can have a skill in the sword and use magic.)
Battle Prowess (How much experience do you have in battle? It will effect your strategy.):
Spirit Attack (Don't make it OP. Mirania's Revive Spirit Attack is one of my examples. I'll be looking at this the most.)



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