Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Next Generation Firewall Provide The Cyber Security ...

With the rise in cyber security threats, innovative techniques were introduced to provide protective shield to the users and their internet connections. Working uninterruptedly online is every user?s goal and keeping this in mind, some major companies have launched effective network security solutions.

One of the major solutions which are so demanding nowadays is the next generation firewall (NGFW). The next generation firewall combines the world?s most powerful Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) threat prevention, integrated application control and firewall capabilities with a high performance security tools. By combining NGIPS and NGFW, one can get the best firewall software along with the comprehensive enterprise visibility, adaptive security and advanced threat protection.

Online threats continue to affect us and that is why, network security defenses need to evolve with greater significance and functionalities to overcome the latest targeted threats. Many enterprises require vendors to add next generation intrusion prevention features required in network security products. With the feature of advanced security systems, the emerging NGFW in the market offers superior network protection and control without compromise.

Significance of new generation firewall:

Universal network security platform

The Next Generation Firewall delivers deep inspection by maintaining the peak performances. This security platform is being configured at the customer?s discretion as an NGIPS with application control which ultimately provides the customer, the ultimate flexibility to arrange the appliances that match their infrastructure needs and scale with time.

Total visibility

With NGFW, you can get increased visibility into applications, users, contents, hosts, attacks, vulnerabilities, behavior and changes in a user?s environment. It then correlates the information with user identity and reputation intelligence to access risk and threat impact to make more precise enforcement decisions.

Intelligent Automation

With the use of intelligent security automation, the intensity of protection efforts increases and helps in keeping pace with constantly changing environments. It also allows the security teams to optimize remediation efforts by reducing unjust efforts and filtering out the events that do not affect the user?s environment.

Access with no changes

The next generation firewall can provide the support without compromising the threat prevention. The services are based on individual/ independent testing which delivers best of class throughout the performances and with the help of advanced threat detection it provides the unmatched blocking effectiveness.

According to Gartner- ?Next-generation network IPS will be incorporated with a next-generation firewall, but most next-generation firewall products currently includes first-generation IPS capabilities.? The Next-Generation Firewall includes industry-leading NGIPS and provides the user the power and confidence to prevent and respond to complex threats with the granular control needed today.?


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