Monday, December 5, 2011

Video: Missing girl's mom: 'We are searching everywhere'

>>> police are searching for a missing 2-year-old girl in detroit. they're questioning her father's version of what happened when the girl disappeared. she was last seen on friday. her father says she was driving with bianca when a man forced him from the car from gunpoint. the car was pound but bianca was not inside. they're helping them search for bianca . at the news conference her 7-year-old sister made a heart-wrenching plea.

>> i want my sister back really, really bad.

>> i'm joined now from detroit by bianca 's mother, banica jones. our heart goes out to you. i don't know any words that i can offer you at this point. i know the volunteers are out looking for your daughter. can you tell me a little bit more about what her father says happened here?

>> i don't really know what his version of events is. i've not been made aware of that. that's the investigative side of things. i'm really focusing all of my concern on finding bianca .

>> part of finding bianca may lie in what deandre has told police regarding what happened. investigators say he told them that a carjacker took his car on friday and she was inside. there are reports that he may have failed a lie detector test . have you had a chance to speak with him about what happened?

>> no, no, i haven't. i haven't spoken to him at all. i've only been in contact with the police department and the fbi. they've given me no information concerning any of the investigation. they've chiefly been helping me to get out and look for my daughter and helping me to organize volunteers and continue to search.

>> where are you looking right now? i know that as a mentioned you said as well the volunteers are trying to help. where are they looking?

>> we are searching everywhere. we are looking in all -- in any place that we can possibly think of. we have tips coming in from everywhere, and so many people are being so very helpful. there are so many volunteers, and we are just attempting to leave no stone unturned in our search.

>> when were you last with your daughter?

>> on her birthday, november 26th .

>> does she live with deandre?

>> no. my daughter lives with me.

>> so she's with you. can you tell me what happened the day and the events again leading up to her leaving with him?

>> my daughter's birthday was saturday, november 26th . her dad had offered to take her to a movie for her birthday, and she was very excited to go. they went out. they say ""the lion king "" in 3d and came back to my home. she was excite. she told me about the movie. we had a small family gathering with cake and ice cream and she blew out her candles. we watched more television at home, and she waived bye-bye and gave me a hug and kiss and left.

>> well, again, the volunteers are out helping to look for her. we hope that she will be brought home to you. looking at this picture, she's absolutely beautiful baby and bianca -- with everything going on we so appreciate you talking with us and hopelefully someone will hear your words or see her little sister who broke down in tears, her 7-year-old sister breaking down just wanting her to be brought back home. thank you, binica.

>> yes, thank you so much. thank you.


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